Although Article 2 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child establishes equal rights for girls and boys, this is still not the case today. Young women and girls in Africa, Asia and Latin America are often more disadvantaged than boys from birth. 

130 million girls around the world do not go to school. 650 million women live in marriages that were concluded before their 18th birthday. Around 750 million adults are illiterate. Two thirds of them are women. And less than 1 percent of all MPs are women under the age of 30.

Since I had the opportunity to grow up in Germany and start my own business as a self-employed woman, I would like to take the chance and use my luck to specifically support girls. With PLAN International I have found a transparent organization that is committed to the protection, education, political participation, health and income security of girls and young women. 

The specific goal of the fund? 100 million girls should be able to learn, lead, decide and develop their full potential. 

I would like to take part in that! With every order we donate € 1 to the Girls Fund from Plan International. More information can be found here: PLAN - donations for girls

I am happy that we can give something back together.


Current donation level: € 264

Since March 2021 we have been able to collect so much money with you that 22 girls can get their own seat in a school for a whole month. Thus we have come a lot closer to our goal of equality and education for girls. Thanks, you guys are great! ♡


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