Our brand name Leselles is made up of the French words "Les" (in english: "The") and "Elles" (i.e. "she" as a pronoun for women) and can therefore be translated as "the women".

The name of our brand thus encapsulates an important basic idea: by women for women! Growing up as a woman in a highly developed country gives me the chance to realize my dreams and offer high quality jewelry at affordable prices with Leselles 

Unfortunately, this way of life is unthinkable for many girls in other countries. Globally, nearly 62 million girls of primary and lower secondary school age are out of school. 650 million girls and young women are married before their 18th birthday. That's why we decided to specifically support girls through PLAN International and pass on 1€ per order to the aid organization.

Of course, this slogan does not mean that our jewelry is made for women only. We are happy about every wearer of our pieces!


At Leselles Jewelry is handmade and consists of 925 silver. In order to be able to offer the colors gold and rose gold, we cover the silver with multiple layers of fine, 750 real gold. For a long shelf life, our jewelry is covered with an additional seal. Thus, our jewelry is both hypoallergenic and nickel-free. The careful selection of our materials and regular controls ensure the premium quality standard of all Leselles pieces.


Sustainability is one of the most important issues of our time. That is why we work as environmentally friendly as possible.


While I was looking for jewelry for a good friend in 2016, I noticed that the available jewelry with good, lasting quality was hardly affordable. The selection was  ranged between fast-fashion jewelry, which may tarnish after a few days, and handmade pieces from jewelers, for which the corresponding prices were demanded.

My goal quickly became clear: affordable pieces of jewelry that are so convincing in terms of appearance and quality that they can be mistaken for premium jewels. In 2016 I ventured into self-employment with Jewelryqueen and would like to finally make my dream come true with Leselles.